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For the past two years, Ben Kepes and I have helped the team at VentureBeat assemble the programme for their annual Cloud Computing event, CloudBeat. It looks as though we may end up doing something similar with them this year, as CloudBeat moves from Redwood City to downtown San Francisco, and from November to September. But that’s for a subsequent post. This year, VentureBeat — and I — are trying something new; a conference all about data. The name, unsurprisingly, is DataBeat. The venue, Redwood City’s Sofitel. The date, 4-5 December 2013. I’m doing this one without Ben, and I’m also taking more of a strategic role this time around; less about content advising and much more about content deciding. It should be fun, and we’ve just opened the call for participation. So if you have a story to tell, get that form filled in to let us know! So, in a world where there s... (more)

MapR CEO John Schroeder discusses the market for Hadoop

Big Data is undeniably hot right now, and to many Hadoop is inextricably linked to the broader Big Data conversation. And yet, Hadoop has a reputation for being complex, and unpolished, and difficult, and ‘technical,’ and a host of other less-than-glowing attributes which might cause potential users to pause and take stock. Some of that reputation is, perhaps, undeserved, and many of those limitations are actively being addressed within the Apache Foundation‘s open source Hadoop projects. But there is clearly an opportunity for intermediaries who understand Hadoop, who can mak... (more)

Google’s Knowledge Graph Bringing Semantics to the Masses

With Facebook’s IPO upon us, the timing of Google’s latest press blitz should probably be regarded with a healthy dose of suspicion, but the unveiling of the Knowledge Graph is an important step in Google’s journey — and a reaffirmation of values diluted by recent dalliances in social networking. Writing for The Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal perhaps describes it best; “To me, this update is the epitome of what Google does best. The graph makes the process of Googling something faster, easier, and better. The corporate imperative to keep people searching on Google in the face of re... (more)

Cloud Computing Is Far More Than Just Cutting Enterprise IT Costs

Paul Miller's Blog For too long, the emphasis in Cloud Computing circles has been almost exclusively upon provision of rapidly scalable and ad hoc remote computing on top of cost-effective commodity hardware. The Cloud play from Salesforce, Amazon’s EC2 and the rest has been dominated by the implicit assumption that these Cloud-based resources are an extension of the corporate data center; a way to simply reduce the costs of enterprise computing. There is value in this business, but there are bigger opportunities. Cloud Computing, and the various *aaS movements, have finally brou... (more)

Talking to Simon Wardley About Ubuntu and Cloud Computing

Image via Wikipedia Most readers of this blog are probably well aware that a new version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution is coming this week, and that it will be putting code from the Open Source EUCALYPTUS Project to work in simplifying the creation of private Clouds that look remarkably like Amazon’s EC2. You’ve probably also read RightScale’s announcements with respect to Ubuntu, and heard that Sun Microsystems were also making supportive noises about EUCALYPTUS and the EC2 API before their recent change in circumstances. Earlier today I spoke with Simon Wardley of Canonical (... (more)