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Private clouds are real. It’s well past time to grow up and accept this. Not every IT workload is most logically run in a cloud, now or in the future. But, for those workloads where cloud is advantageous, it seems likely that public cloud will eventually supplant both private cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. Public clouds are getting cheaper, they are addressing legacy regulatory hurdles, and they are increasingly meeting every valid concern that IT buyers and users might have about entrusting mission critical cloud workloads to them. However, in 2014, there are still workloads or situations which are suited to a cloud-like treatment but more suited to a private or hybrid cloud deployment than to a public cloud. This may be because of the sometimes prohibitive cost of running steady workloads for long periods of time in a public cloud. It may be because of exist... (more)

Hewlett Packard: A Tale of Many Clouds

Hewlett Packard used its Discover event in Frankfurt last week to reassert the company’s cloud credentials. Public, private, hybrid; HP is painting pictures that encompass them all, whilst seeking to protect hardware revenues and reassure conservative executives at some of its largest and most profitable customers. But HP has been here before, making bold claims and telling people what they wanted to hear about an HP cloud upon which enterprises could depend. This time, will the company deliver? Earlier this year, satirical news site The Onion took a cruel but funny swipe at HP’... (more)

Cloud Computing Is Far More Than Just Cutting Enterprise IT Costs

Paul Miller's Blog For too long, the emphasis in Cloud Computing circles has been almost exclusively upon provision of rapidly scalable and ad hoc remote computing on top of cost-effective commodity hardware. The Cloud play from Salesforce, Amazon’s EC2 and the rest has been dominated by the implicit assumption that these Cloud-based resources are an extension of the corporate data center; a way to simply reduce the costs of enterprise computing. There is value in this business, but there are bigger opportunities. Cloud Computing, and the various *aaS movements, have finally brou... (more)

‘Towards a Web of Data?’ presentation

I was in Manchester yesterday, having been invited over by Paul Collins to speak at Vision+Media‘s final Transmissions workshop. The topic was ‘Towards a Web of Data,’ and the other speakers were Bill Roberts of Swirrl and Liz Turner of Iconomical. Bill’s slides are here, and mine are embedded below. Thanks to Paul for the invite, and to the audience for braving an intermittently (very) wet Manchester evening to spend a few hours discussing Linked Data, the Semantic Web, and related topics; it was fun. Related articles by Zemanta Google Acquires Metaweb To Make Search Smarter (... (more)

Talking to Simon Wardley About Ubuntu and Cloud Computing

Image via Wikipedia Most readers of this blog are probably well aware that a new version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution is coming this week, and that it will be putting code from the Open Source EUCALYPTUS Project to work in simplifying the creation of private Clouds that look remarkably like Amazon’s EC2. You’ve probably also read RightScale’s announcements with respect to Ubuntu, and heard that Sun Microsystems were also making supportive noises about EUCALYPTUS and the EC2 API before their recent change in circumstances. Earlier today I spoke with Simon Wardley of Canonical (... (more)