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Earlier this week, Gigaom announced their latest event; Structure Intelligence. “In the past year we’ve seen massive growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning. Our own Derrick Harris has been covering this area for years and we have decided it’s time to give this rapidly growing area a platform (and conference) of its own.” Personally, it’s great to see this area getting real attention from Gigaom. But I’m reminded of just how long some of these issues have intersected (or, often, passed close-by) my own career… Back in the mid-1990’s, I was researching a Ph.D in the Archaeology Department at the University of York. Nothing particularly semantic or artificially intelligent about that… except that a fellow student was building a neural network that inferred all sorts of things about Viking sheep, based on cues derived from photographs of their excavat... (more)

A prism bends light. #PRISM reporting bends truth

I wasn’t going to talk about the current fuss around PRISM, but the speed with which conjecture, rumour and some (good) newspaper investigative work has turned into ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ online makes this worth addressing. The conjecture may be correct. The NSA, the FBI, TLA and ETLA might be plugged right into the data centres of the internet’s giants, slurping down your messages, searches and calls. If they are, that’s potentially serious. But we don’t actually know that they are, yet. Until then, reporters, bloggers, analysts and pundits are speculating and considering implica... (more)

Cloud Computing Is Far More Than Just Cutting Enterprise IT Costs

Paul Miller's Blog For too long, the emphasis in Cloud Computing circles has been almost exclusively upon provision of rapidly scalable and ad hoc remote computing on top of cost-effective commodity hardware. The Cloud play from Salesforce, Amazon’s EC2 and the rest has been dominated by the implicit assumption that these Cloud-based resources are an extension of the corporate data center; a way to simply reduce the costs of enterprise computing. There is value in this business, but there are bigger opportunities. Cloud Computing, and the various *aaS movements, have finally brou... (more)

If Government is a Platform, What Are People Building?

I’ve written and spoken before about a recent upsurge in enthusiasm for exposing data from Government in ways that facilitate use and re-use, and will doubtless be returning to this topic in the ‘Government Data’ panel session at the Linked Data Meetup in London on Wednesday. Tim Berners-Lee has been amongst those rallying to the cause, and working with Governments here and overseas to realise the opportunities in — first — simply getting data out and — second — ensuring the structure and linkages required if Government data is to form a useful foundation upon which others reall... (more)

Data Market Chat: Chris Hathaway discusses AggData

Image via CrunchBase Chris Hathaway sees basic location information scattered across the websites of hundreds — or thousands — of coffee shop chains, hotel groups, and fast food joints, but argues that it’s almost impossible to do anything more sophisticated with the data than find your closest Starbucks. His company, AggData, is attempting to fill what he sees as a gap in the market; scraping addresses and other facts off company websites to create simple files of store locations that can then be enriched with coordinate data and sold. Customers for this data include competito... (more)