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Last night, cloud database company Xeround announced that they’re shutting down the version of their service hosted in public clouds such as Amazon, Rackspace, GreenQloud, and others. Users of the free service have until 8 May to move elsewhere, whilst paying customers have until 15 May. The company describes this as an attempt to “re-focus,” with the implication that other parts of the business remain viable. It’s never easy to admit mistakes and kill products, but the ability to do so is an essential part of running a business that’s viable for the long haul. Xeround’s announcement needn’t be interpreted as the end of the company, or the end of databases running in the public cloud. The challenge now is one of persuading staff, investors and customers to move past the short-term pain and uncertainty, and to get behind the new direction with conviction. Xeround wa... (more)

Cloud Computing Is Far More Than Just Cutting Enterprise IT Costs

Paul Miller's Blog For too long, the emphasis in Cloud Computing circles has been almost exclusively upon provision of rapidly scalable and ad hoc remote computing on top of cost-effective commodity hardware. The Cloud play from Salesforce, Amazon’s EC2 and the rest has been dominated by the implicit assumption that these Cloud-based resources are an extension of the corporate data center; a way to simply reduce the costs of enterprise computing. There is value in this business, but there are bigger opportunities. Cloud Computing, and the various *aaS movements, have finally brou... (more)

When I Search Online for Pizza, What Do I Really Want?

Odd as it may seem, this question arose during my preparation for yesterday’s conversation with True Knowledge CEO, William Tunstall-Pedoe. You see, one of the demonstrations of True Knowledge’s capabilities takes the form of a local product search that looks – superficially – a lot like Google’s better known Local offering. Searching for pizza in Google returns exactly what I’ve become accustomed to; a badly incomplete list of pizza restaurants and take aways. My initial presumption was that True Knowledge would do something pretty similar, maybe with the added smarts to find a... (more)

CloudCamp London: the Big Data Special

The CloudCamp unconference returned to London for the 14th time this evening, regaling a capacity crowd in the Crypt below Clerkenwell’s St James Church with several hours of discussion and debate on the somewhat elusive topic of ‘Big Data’. Rather rough notes of the proceedings follow, after the break. LEF‘s Simon Wardley kicked proceedings off as usual, once again managing to pepper an on-topic canter through the topic with a seemingly never-ending stream of Flickr images of cats… and analogies to electricity. You possibly had to be there? His core message, though? There’s noth... (more)

Data Market Chat: Microsoft’s Windows Azure Marketplace

As CEO Steve Ballmer has noted more than once, Microsoft’s future plans see the company going “all in” with the cloud. The company’s cloud play, Azure, offers the capabilities that we might expect from a cloud, and includes infrastructure such as virtual machines and storage as well as the capability to host and run software such as Office 365. Microsoft also recognises the importance of data, and with the Windows Azure Marketplace and the nurturing of specification such as OData, the company is playing its part in ensuring that data can be found, trusted, and incorporated into a... (more)